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SBTactical is based in Reno, Nevada. As the National Law Enforcement and Professional distributors of iCOMBAT equipment, we are 100% committed to serving those who serve us.

Who we are

With over 40+ combined years of planning, resourcing, and conducting training, we are confident that we are the right team to meet your needs. SBT’s experience and iCOMBAT’s technology combined leave no training question unanswered. With SBTactical you will “Replicate, not Simulate,” the situations your officers could possibly encounter. Every day we strive to advance your organizations training to the next level. SBTactical’s mission is to Replicate real world scenarios, Reduce training costs, and Maximize training time.

SBTactical Team

Cristine Seevers | Owner

Cristine Seevers was born and raised in the Reno, NV area. With over 15 years in pharmacy and home health care services, she also has been an EMT for the last 21 years. Prior to her work at SBTactical she wanted to do something she felt would save lives in both the civilian and Law enforcement areas. Assisting  Law Enforcement and military with their Force-on-Force and Stress Based Training has been rewarding. Cristine is passionate about SBTactical’s mission and is excited to be expanding the areas we serve.

Brandon Seevers was born in Reno, Nevada, grew up in Fallon, Nevada and graduated from Montana State University. With a gun in his hands since age 6 when he began hunting, the transition to working with LE and Military has been very simple. His attention to detail and concern for safety brings a whole new dimension to SBTactical. Brandon is very dedicated to carrying out SBTactical’s mission of Train Anywhere and Anytime, Day and Night. Perfect practice makes perfect!

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