Active Shooter Response Training

SBTactical Active Shooter Response Training

We conduct a 4 hour course at your location focusing on Active shooter response methods. Utilizing the most effective training methods available, employees will stay engaged & participate throughout the course.

STB instructors approach to training is centered on the principle of replicating real world conditions as opposed to simulating them.  This concept can be applied in the simplest of training tasks to the most complex of scenarios.  As trainers we owe it to the professionals that we work with to provide the most realistic training possible. The iCOMBAT training system embodies this methodology as it allows you to train in environments that officers will actually respond.  By eliminating cumbersome and unrealistic protective masks and gloves we move from the old school thought of simulating to a much more effective method of replicating. This methodology goes far beyond the weapon platform and training environment.  “Replicate, Don’t Simulate” is a trainers mindset that will help to maximize your training time and leave  a lasting effect on those participating.

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