irTactical irM4

  1. Modular barrel with advanced optics, lithium ion battery, and electronics featuring an infrared LED light for optimal focus and distance.
  2. All major components are of a modular design allowing for easy upgrade or replacement of parts.
  3. Air powered pneumatics creating realistic sound and felt recoil.
  4. Standard AR15/M4 design allows for installation of all your favorite optics and accessories.
  5. The IRM4 is designed to accept all standard AR15/M4 stocks, grips, and attachments.
  6. Selector switch giving the user safe, semi-auto, and full-auto modes of fire.
  7. Grip features main electronics, battery indicator light, and USB port for easy updating.
  8. Seamless syncing to IR vest via 2.4 Ghz RF electronics.
  9. Patented SmartMag houses ammo controls and air source.
  10. Constructed of high quality cast aluminum and glass filled nylon making the IRM4 extremely durable and nearly identical to an actual AR15/M4 in felt weight and size.

The irM4 from irTactical represents the finest training equipment you can buy. This laser training rifle features state-of-the-art infrared optics and electronics, plus a design that mimics an actual AR15/M4 rifle, including weight and size. You’ll have to think twice when picking up the irM4, ensuring it’s not your real rifle. The irM4 packs all major components into a modular design allowing easy swapping or replacement of the parts. Quickly disconnect the original and throw on a new one. The main modular component is the barrel. The lithium ion batteries, infrared LED, and lenses are stored within and allow the gun to shoot distances of over 150 feet in broad daylight. Indoors, the range increases to 500 plus feet. Internal air-powered pneumatics create a realistic recoil and shot noise, adding to the realism of the gun. These pneumatics are powered by our patented SmartMag, which houses the air source and ammo electronics. Pop in a new standard 12 gram CO2 cartridge, and it resets your ammo count. You’ll even have the choice of shooting in semi or full-automatic mode by thumbing the standard selector switch. The trigger mechanism and main electronics are housed in the main pistol grip. Inside is a battery indicator light, 2.4Ghz RF chip, and USB port for software updating in the future. The RF chip is used for syncing to the irVest. Each irM4 laser rifle is constructed of extremely tough cast aluminum and glass filled nylon, giving you unmatched durability in every part. Law enforcement officers won’t be able to find a better solution to train with. The simplicity and realism of irTactical allows for fast, accurate training anywhere. Bad guys beware.